Primary source verification is predominantly done covertly in Nigeria where the subject being verified is unaware or has not given specific consent to search their records. Performing verifications with international standards in mind can be expensive when done without specialists.

With the Electronic Credentials Verification service for Nigeria, certificate issuers can perform verifications on requests that originate directly from the certificate owner or authorized third party ensuring that concerns for obtaining consent is achieved in a simple manner which also allows you to store and reuse your response multiple times without having to re-perform the verification.

Our systems eliminates the work involved with responding to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of degree or certificate verification requests each year — at no cost to you. Through this program, authorized issuers can verify the credentials of their school’s graduates over the Internet rather than using the traditional paper-based or email process.

When credential holders raise a “Verify and Store” request, it is sent to the credential issuer to “Verify and Certify” as authentic after which it is stored as a “Verified Credential” on the ETX.NG registry.

  • Verification cannot be performed without the certificate owners’ digital consent obtained via email notifications
  • Generated and Collected: Paper certificate has already been generated and collected and owner now wants a certified electronic copy
  • Secure and Digitally Certified Electronic Certificates in Nigeria
  • With this service, students and graduates can request certified digital copies of their certificates.
  • Reduces risk, liability, and internal costs, Increases data security and corporate compliance
  • Improves administrative efficiencies and employee service
  • Certificate issuers in Nigeria can provide their verification via the Xchange network at no charge
  • Process Verification Requests with Ease
  • This service is part of our goals towards the dematerialisation of education and academic certificates in Nigeria
  • Issue secure and digitally Certified Electronic Certificates in Nigeria
  • Verification portal Nigeria
  • Respond to verification requests Nigeria
  • Verified E-Certificates
  • E-verification of degrees and certificates