If your organization receives a high volume of job seekers applying for each job opening, the screening process can be time-consuming. Without a solution in place, hiring managers have to go through the applicant screening process by tediously reviewing each candidate’s resume to see if they match the job description skills.

We think skills matter, but only after credentials; and this why our approach to defining jobs requirements is credentials based. The idea is since credentials provide evidence of meeting a job requirement, linking the credential to the job requirement ensures that only applicants that hold valid credentials meet the requirement, hence are able to submit. For example, a mandatory requirement for chartered accounting skills is linked to the presence of a chartered accounting certificate.

Mycredentials Nigeria registry software uses AI to screen and shortlist candidates in Nigeria by extracting information contained in stored credentials and automatically matching it to defined job requirements which then ensures that candidate screening is done at the point of job application submission.

  • Our systems use AI to match job requirements to all information already presented on a CV or Resume
  • Applicant tracking system in Nigeria automatically extracts data from your candidate’s documents and credentials to create a credential linked candidate profile.
  • Take control of your application process with custom application forms, and screening questions to find top talent with the right work experience and skill sets
  • Employers in Nigeria need to screen employment applications to discern lying, exaggeration, and enlargement of experience, education, and credentials.
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