Very often we do not collect the credentials we have earned just because carrying paper around or having to think of paper storage is quite cumbersome.

In this service, you can request for an original certified electronic copy of your credentials from any academic or training institution you might have attended in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. The electronic certificate they generate and send will automatically be stored against your credentials profile on as a “Verified Electronic Credential”.

This service is popular for when you don’t have access to your paper certificate or you have not been issued any certificate of training, achievement or award. Subscribing to our credential request service allows us to carry out some research by contacting the issuing institution and liaising with them to either generate a certified electronic certificate, re-issue your credential or provide a statement regarding the credential. The credentials will be uploaded directly by the issuing onto your storage profile as verified to ensure a complete view of your history.

  • This service applies only if you have not received or do not have a paper certificate and would now want an electronic copy instead.
  • This service is reliant on the credential issuer being able to generate electronic academic certificates.
  • Electronic credentials that are uploaded directly by the certificate issuer are stored as verified on the registry.
  • The institution will issue a certified electronic credential which is stored as primary source verified against your profile.
  • Request for a copy of your unclaimed degree certificates and credentials
  • Electronic Credentials Storage Boxes: Securely store electronic copies of your academic credentials in our secure storage for easier retrieval and use across multiple opportunities.
  • Request and store your academic transcript and electronic credentials online, securely on the cloud.
  • Automatically match stored credentials to requirements defined in the credentials based opportunities - such as Jobs, Scholarships, Admissions, Grants, Competitions, and Immigration Opportunities