Verification is expensive and it takes time in Nigeria. It’s smarter to rely on already verified credentials rather than spend time and money only to arrive at the same verification outcome.

This service allows you to submit third party credentials firstly to check if we hold a verification record for the credential in our verified credentials database and secondly to request verification where we do not hold an outcome.

However, this can only be achieved after the credential owner has been notified of such a search on their record. To process third party verifications on the registry requires the credential owner email address for notification and a copy of the credential to be verified.

We provide background checks in Nigeria which verify the professional documents of the individuals applying for a job, scholarship, admission or grant

  • My credentials Nigeria offers a a web-based technology that makes it easy to manage your organization's background screening in Nigeria and verification process.
  • Verify the authenticity of the certificates, documents and credentials you receive from Nigeria
  • Job and Admission applicants that meet your defined requirements can submit verified copies of their supporting documents from our storage.