“I certify that I have given true, accurate and complete information on my application for employment or admission” should actually mean the submission of verified credentials as supporting documents for your applications but more often than not, it is just a checkbox without evidence.

The Credentials Self Verification service is where you take control of your credentials and we have them independently verified directly with the primary source - issuing institution, licensing authorities, and bodies worldwide. The outcome of the verification is then attached to your credentials as evidence and stored against your profile as a “Verified Electronic Certificate”. Business partners and receivers who then require only verified electronic certificates can receive knowing them that the credentials have been verified saving valuable time and money in the job or admission recruitment process.

In four simple steps you can run personal background check in Nigeria:

  1. CHOOSE YOUR CHECK: Choose from a variety of options designed to fit your specific needs all listed as storage boxes
  2. VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY: To protect your privacy, we make sure you’re the one running your own check.
  3. VIEW YOUR RESULTS: We’ll run your results fast and let you know as soon as they’re ready for you.
  4. SHARE YOUR RESULTS: Post your results on your resume and on job boards to catch employers’ attention.
  • You must have a self uploaded credential by using the upload and store service before you can request for self verification
  • Verify once, use and reuse multiple times – we guarantee the outcome provided to receivers which gives you peace of mind.
  • Verify your credentials and gain an advantage in today’s competitive job and admissions market.
  • Electronic Credentials Storage Boxes: Securely store electronic copies of your academic credentials in our secure storage for easier retrieval and use across multiple opportunities.
  • You can run a personal background check in Nigeria to pre verify your credentials from our list of over 50 document types.
  • Automatically match stored credentials to requirements defined in the credentials based opportunities - such as Jobs, Scholarships, Admissions, Grants, Competitions, and Immigration Opportunities