ETX.NG digital credentials service provides organizations and institutions with the ability to issue digital credentials in Adobe PDF digitally certified format that is shareable and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world. This approach enables schools and universities to create and issue official records faster in a digital format and manage credentials that your institution and the recipient co-own. Credentials can be viewed, shared and verified independently of any vendor network or proprietary software.

You will gain access to tools which you can use to verify and certify electronic certificates using encrypted digital signatures. Electronic certificates that have been issued are stored against the owners’ profile on and automatically made available for opportunity matching.

  • New Issuance: Paper certificates are yet to be generated and owner wants to be offered electronic version of paper certificate as an option for collection. A software generated electronic certificate (not scanned) that looks exactly like the paper certificate.
  • Exact copy of paper - We work with you to produce the exact digital version of the paper transcript in such a way that it looks exactly the same on screen as it is on paper.
  • Instant verification - Each Certified Electronic Certificates allows anyone with a mobile phone to quickly obtain real-time proof of authenticity just by clicking a button
  • Increase brand awareness - Certified Electronic Certificates make it simple for your customers to be your biggest brand advocates. A single click will let them share the transcript to preferred recipients.
  • Guarantees issuer identity - All Certified Electronic Transcript generators are verified and vetted to generate electronic transcripts are secured with uniquely certified digital signatures.
  • Besides the high cost of printing and distribution, by default, paper certificates are less secure and more susceptible to identity theft forgery than electronic versions.