We work with credential issuers to convert their backlog of paper certificates yet to be collected into certified electronic copies which is then offered as a paid option to the certificate owner. In this service, we provide our systems to scan all unclaimed certificates in your archive file room and issue them as digitally signed and encrypted “Certified Electronic Certificates” to your students who request for it.

Certifying the electronic certificate using digital signatures is like creating an original electronic version of the certificate; which cannot be altered or tampered with and can be verified online with just one click.

  • Generated and Not Collected: Paper certificate has already been generated but, yet to be collected and owner would rather collect a certified electronic copy.
  • With this service, students and graduates can request certified digital copies of their certificates.
  • Eliminate manual paper processing by converting all necessary documents into electronic files. Reduce paper, improve efficiency and cut costs quickly and easily
  • This service is part of our goals towards the dematerialisation of education and academic certificates in Nigeria
  • All scanned certificates are digitally signed and encrypted to prevent further tamper and alterations
  • Issue secure and digitally Certified Electronic Certificates in Nigeria
  • Unclaimed certificates Nigeria
  • Certificate collection from schools in Nigeria
  • Credentials Collection
  • Certificate Digitization
  • Dematerialization of Paper Certificates in Nigeria